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Carsonite Composites is a leading U.S. supplier of visibility and safety marking products for highway, utility, and recreation applications. With decades of experience researching and developing advanced composite technologies, we offer a family of high-performance markers and accessories that are unparalleled in the industries we serve. In addition, our innovative Modular Guidance System™ (MGS) bring added safety to work zones, and our Optiped™ cable splice vaults provide the ideal solution to cable storage.

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Marking Products

Carsonite Composite markers provide high visibility and easy identification of above-ground and underground utilities to minimize the risks of accidental uncovering of buried utility lines, and prevent damage caused by maintenance equipment. Depend on Carsonite products to defend against accidental dig-in and costly and dangerous accidents. Carsonite's lightweight, durable products resist harsh weather, corrosion, UV exposure, and fading.

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Sidebar Glare Shields

Carsonite's Modular Guidance System™ is designed to block blinding headlight glare from opposing traffic lanes. This anti-glare screen comes with a base rail system that allows quick installation, limiting the amount of time workers spend installing the system. The base rail units come pre-sized for 10, 12, 12.5 and 15 foot barriers. The blades, available in various heights, are adjustable up to 22 degrees to optimize cut-off angle. In addition, Carsonite’s MGS prevents motorists from impeding traffic flow by gawking into construction zones. The system efficiently and safely guides motorists through the zone.
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Utility Markers

Permanent and temporary markers, Carsonite has the right marking products and solutions for any application, location or terrain. Our rugged utility markers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet any requirements. Most can also be customized with logos, decals, reflective sheeting and even direct printed graphics. Carsonite markers are highly visible, corrosion resistant, fire resistant and durable.

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Bollard Covers

The Carsonite Guard Post Cover is an inexpensive solution to maintenance and visibility problems with guard posts. They offer a durable, bright yellow surface which helps to alert people to potential dangers in and around loading docks, hazardous equipment, electrical distribution, parking facilities, and gasoline dispensing and storage areas. Slip the cover over the guard post for a clean, highly visible finish. Add reflective sheeting for added visibility. Use our 40 Series for guard posts 4.5" diameter and below, and our 60 Series for posts 4.5" to 6.5" diameter.
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AcoustaShield™ Sound Walls

Effective against noise and light pollution

Carsonite’s AcoustaShield™ Sound Barrier Systems provide noise abatement along transportation corridors. Its strengths are effectiveness against sound, good looks, long-term outdoor durability, vandal resistance and ease of construction. Use them around busy highways, railroad facilities, transformer yards, industrial facilities, and any place a little peace and quiet would be welcome. Available in reflective or absorptive styles. The AcoustaShield systems have the best performance, best looks, and easiest installation of all the options, and their light weight means you can install them on a bridge without having to revise the bridge’s structure.